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The 2013 IET International conference on Information and Communications (IETICT 2013) was held on April 27th-29th, 2013 in Beijing, China, in conjunction with China-Ireland International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (CIICT2013). It was organized by China Institute of Communications, Institute of Engineering Technology, and co-organized by Youth Committee of China Institute of Communications, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Dublin City University.

Group Photo of Delegates

The opening ceremony was hosted by Dr. Xiaojun Wang from Dublin City University. There were lots of elites from various areas attended the opening ceremony, such as Professor Andy Hopper who is the chairman of the British Institute of Engineering and Technology from University of Cambridge Department of Computer Science, Director Bing Xia who is the expert from Division of Foreign Experts Affairs for Education, Science, Culture and Public Health, Professor Yinghai Zhang who is the director of Academic Committee of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and the deputy secretary general of China Institute of Communications, Professor Lingling Sun who is the vice-president of Hangzhou Dianzi University, Paul Han who is the director of IET China business, Professor Yixian Yang who is the deputy director of China Institute of Communications form Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Li Li who is the director of Foreign Experts Affairs for Education, Science, Culture and Public Health, Chunxia Ren who is the director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. More than 120 experts and scholars from the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, Ireland, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions attended the conference.

In the opening ceremony, Professor Yinghai Zhang and director Bing Xia gave the welcome speech. The director of Department of Electronic Engineering of Dublin City University, Professor Patrick McNally read the Irish embassy in China commercial counselor Gary Fallon’s speech. Speech recalled the mode of cooperation and development process between China and Ireland in the fields of education and research, and a brief review and outlook on Ireland enterprises in China, tourism and industrial between two countries. Lingling Sun on behalf of the Chinese experts welcomed more than twenty foreign experts from Ireland, Britain and other countries. The IET China Business Director Mr. Paul Han introduced basic situation of IET, highlighting the IET current situation in China and the development planning nearly three years. Finally, Professor Andy Hooper issued the certificate to Pin Wang who is the vice-chairman of the IET BUPT student branch.

Some Guests of the Opening Ceremony

Professor Andy Hooper Issued the Certificate to Pin Wang

In the conference, there are nine domestic and foreign experts gave the keynote speeches.Andy Hooper from University of Cambridge addressed a speech about “Computing for the Future of the Planet”. Patrick McNally from Dublin City Universityaddressed a speech about “Non-destructive X-ray Diffraction Techniques for Analysis of Die Warpage and Stress inside Fully Encapsulated Packaged Chips”. Sakir Sezer from Queen’s University Belfast and Gerd Ascheid from RWTH Aachen University addressed a speech about “Iterative Receivers: Too Complex for High Data Rates”. John Ringwood from National University of Ireland Maynooth addressed a speech about “ICT: The breakthrough technology for economic wave energy”. Dr. Qiang Wu from Dublin Institute of Technology addressed a speech about “Optical fiber hetero structure based devices - filter, coupler and sensor”. Professor Vincent Wade from Trinity College Dublin addressed a speech about “CNGL’s Multilingual Personalization Research-Empowering Global Users”. Professor Josef Van Genabith from Dublin City University addressed a speech about “Localization and language Technologies in Ireland: a Gateway into Europe”. Professor Reinhard Schaler from University of Limerick addressed a speech about “The Localization Research Centre-Localization research, education, publishing and networking since 1995”. The experts and scholars discussed warmly and extensively around the mentioned speeches.

Some Excellent Papers Certificate Presentation Ceremony

On the morning of the 28th, Outstanding Paper award ceremony was held. Three papers won the Best Paper Award from Dublin City University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Professor John Ringwood and Professor Mei Song who is the IETICT2013 Program Committee Co-Chair awarded a certificate for the award-winning author.

The conference received a total of 406 papers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and ultimately included 106 articles. The conference was focused on and strong supported by University of Cambridge, Dublin City University, Queen's University Belfast, RWTH Aachen, National University of Maynooth, Dublin Institute of Technology and other overseas institutions. And it also supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The conference achieved a complete success with the joint efforts of many experts and scholars from domestic and overseas.

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