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2010, Wuhan China

2009, Maynooth, Ireland

2008, Beijing, China

2007, Dublin, Ireland

2006, Hangzhou, China


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Dublin City University


CIICT 2012 Theme : Energy Efficient ICT for Sustainable Development

Since 2006, the CIICT international conference has provided a forum for academic and industrial research in Information and Communications Technology research topics, in particular focusing on ICT research in China and Ireland. The next CIICT conference in 2012, to be hosted in Dublin City University, will expand its core participation to India, with an overall theme of Energy Efficient ICT for Sustainable Development.

The core topics for CIICT 2012 will include, but are not limited to,
  • Energy Efficient Wired and Wireless ICT

  • ICT for Smart Cities

  • Energy Efficient Internet of Things

  • ICT for Sustainable Society

  • ICT Smart Grids

The aim of the conference is to strengthen science and technology research collaboration between China, Ireland, India and the global ICT research community and to provide a platform for facilitating future academic and industrial research interactions.

Further details of the conference will be announced shortly. The proposed conference dates are 9th-10th July 2012.

CIICT publishes a peer-reviewed and indexed proceedings