Other on-line LaTeX information

The Prime Sources

The "official" LaTeX home page
Does not yet contain a lot of information.
The Comprehensive Tex Archive Network (CTAN) Home Page.
Virtually all TeX, LaTeX, and related software and documentation can be obtained from CTAN, which has multiple ftp mirror sites.

Packages for publications

The American Institute of Physics accepts manuscripts for several of its journals in REVTeX.
Similarly, the American Astronomical Society accepts manuscripts for several of its journals in AASTeX (Version 4.0 as of May 1995).
The AASTeX FAQ might be helpful. Astronomers will also find TeX and LaTeX Macros for astronomers from STScI to be useful; particularly good is Chris Biemesderfer's LaTeX Command Summary.
The American Mathematical Society has their own macro package, AMSTeX.


The UK TeX Users' Group's FAQ Page is searchable and up-to-date.

An older TeX and LaTeX FAQ is available from Emory Univ.

An ascii FAQ from the comp.text.tex Newsgroup is available from Ohio State.

Hypertext resources

There are several mirrors of these Hypertext Help with LaTeX files which might provide faster access, especially for sites outside North America. The originals of these files are at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York City.

Other hypertext resources

The current set of hypertext help files started with Help on LaTeX, Version 1.01 from O'Reilly Associates and originated from VMS help files.

Hypertext information similar to the current set of files also originated from VMS help files.

Aspects of publishing with TeX and LaTeX is an introduction to the philosophy of TeX and LaTeX.

Text Processing Using LaTeX from Cambridge Univ. Engineering Dept. includes excellent beginning and advanced hypertext manuals as well as information in other formats.

For those with less experience with LaTeX, good introductory material includes:

Sources for non-html documentation

The (La)TeX navigator from LORIA in France is an excellent source of documentation and pointers to other resources; top page is also in English and Deutsch.

Lots of documentation, mostly PostScript, is available from King Lee at Calif. State Univ., Bakersfield.

LaTeX documentation, from UCLA, also mostly (compressed) PostScript files.

Tex-related documents from Cambridge Univ.; includes TeX Users Group newsletter and many documents (mostly in dvi format).

LaTeX2e Documentation from DESY is mostly PostScript.

Good pointers to more Web resources

TeX homepage at Instituut-Lorentz, RU Leiden, NL has pointers to local and nonlocal information.

Pointers to many European TeX resource are available from bluesky.com (just in case you need to hyphenate Nordic languages or want to typeset in Hebrew).

The Usenet newsgroup comp.text.tex is a good source of information and help (but read the FAQ before posting).

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