<Note 1> An excellent, comprehensive, bibliography of the literature on autopoiesis is maintained by Randall Whitaker at:

<Note 2>
<Note 3>
<Note 4> This is a factor of 10
  smaller than the value originally suggested by Varela
  et al. This reflects the fact that the
  maximum rate of the production reaction is
  approximately this much slower in SCL than in the
  original model, so that 10 timesteps in SCL can be
  considered roughly comparable to one timestep in the
<Note 5> Of
  course, this would make spontaneous formation of an
  initial membrane much less probable; but that issue
  was deferred.
<Note 6> Presumably, the K particle
  should not be assigned an effect of rupturing these bonds
  again, because they cannot be distinguished from the
  bonds making up the membrane; on the other hand, this
  does seem to have been a mechanism actually used by
  Zeleny in some experiments
  [12, Figure 6,].
<Note 7> This interaction has previously been
  outlined in the SCL documentation
  [6]. However, there is an error, or
  ambiguity, in that earlier description, in that it
  suggests that bond inhibition applies to both free
  and singly bonded L particles.  In fact, it
  applies only to free L particles. Applying it to
  singly bonded L particles would actually
  prevent membrane repair from taking place.

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