First Year Digital Course. Demonstrations:


Binary Logic: Basic Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT).
Boolean algebra: De Morgan's Laws. Further Boolean Operators (XOR, NAND, NOR). Minimization of logic functions using boolean algebra; using Karnaugh maps.
Binary Arithmetic: Conversion between decimal and binary notations (Conversion from integer decimal to binary or from fraction decimal to binary, and from binary to decimal). Addition of binary numbers.
Sequential Logic: Sequential logic elements including S-R flip-flops (RS Flip-Flop Using NOR Gates , RS Flip-Flop Using AND Gates, Clocked RS Flip-Flop ), D flip-flops(D Type Flip-Flop), and J-K flip-flops(JK Flip-Flop).
Applications of flip-flops: including Data Registers and shift registers( Shift Registers, Shift Registers With Parallel Inputs, Right-Left Shift Register, Shift Registers With Feed-Back).
Created by Final Year Project Supervised by Derek Molloy
Ana Cristina Fernandez EE4. DCU