EE213 VLSI Design

Updated 4th December 2003

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Lecturer Dr Stephen Daniels

NOTICE: Lab Exam Scheduled for 16th December 2003 9:00 12:00 



The recommended course books are :

"Basic VLSI Design" by Douglas A. Pucknell and Kamran Eshraghian, published by Prentice Hall

"Introduction to VLSI Design" by Eugene D. Fabricius, published by McGraw-Hill.

  Any Book on Basic VLSI Design will Suffice


For the laboratory exercises you must download the handbook "Microwind & Dsch Users Manual Version 2- from the web site


Some of the lecture material is now available online. This material may be updated throughout the duration of the course. This material is only an outline of the course and should be used in conjunction with class notes, recommended text books, worked examples in class and class hand-out materials.

 EE213 VLSI Introduction.ppt

EE213 Inverters 1.ppt

EE213 Design Rules.ppt

Basic Interconnects.ppt

Scaling of MOS Circuits.ppt

Large Capacitative Loads.ppt

Sub-System Design 1.ppt

Sub-System Design 2.ppt


Transistor Scaling.doc


Laboratory Material

Some of the laboratory material is now available online:

Lab1 Basic MOS Characteristics.doc

Lab 2 The Inverter.doc

LAB 3 Basic CMOS Inverter.doc

EE213 VLSI Design Lab 4.doc

EE213 VLSI Design - LAB 5 - Cap Loads.doc

EE213 VLSI Design - Lab 6 - Transmission Gates.DOC

Lab 7 involves the design of CMOS NAND and NOR Gates

Example Laboratory Examination (2002 Exam): 2002-3 lab exam.doc