Lecture SlidesΒΆ

The slides are available in two formats.

  • One is (largely) identical to the colour slides presented in lectures. Last minute changes to the in-lecture slides may not always be reflected in the versions here. The colour scheme was chosen to look well when displayed by a (good) data projector.
  • The second format is black on white. I recommend this format - there is a good reason why most text is presented as black on white. Care has been taken (i.e., a lot of time has been spent) to make the appearance of the slides in this format identical (apart from the colour scheme) to the colour format. Let me know of any significant discrepancies.

Note that there are two slides on each monochrome page. The slide numbers may not be consistent with those of the slides used in lectures - again, I would appreciate being advised of any discrepancies.

Number Colour Mono Notes
1 get it! get it! All the slides - the mono version includes a notes page