8th - 9th September 1999
Dublin City University, 
Dublin, Ireland
Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 1999
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 Invited Speakers:

"Texture and Colour Analysis for Machine Vision"
Prof. Matti Pietikäinen
Machine Vision and Media Processing Group 
University of Oulu

Texture and colour analysis are important generic research areas of machine vision with many potential applications. This talk will give an overview of  the recent research on these topics at the Machine Vision and Media Processing Group of the University of Oulu, Finland.

First, a short general introduction to the activities of the group is given. Then, a nonparametric 
approach to texture analysis using simple spatial operators, like signed gray level differences or local binary patterns, is presented. The method provides excellent performance  in  difficult texture classification and segmentation problems. The final part of the talk is concerned with our research on  colour machine vision. Methods for correcting colours of human faces in varying illumination 
conditions are being developed. 

"The European Vision Industry - strength in diversity?"
Don Braggins
Machine Vision Systems Consultancy

"Observation and analysis of the European industrial machine vision market since 1986 shows that, while European based manufacturers have a wealth of technology to offer the world, exploitation outside their own national frontiers has not been their strong point. There are, however, some encouraging signs that this is changing."

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