8th - 9th September 1999
Dublin City University, 
Dublin, Ireland
Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 1999
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Register one person per form (please copy the form as needed). Please type or print clearly.

To register please mail this form or a copy to:

IMVIP '99 Secretariat 
Vision Systems Laboratory, 
School of Electronic Engineering, 
Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland. 


The full registration fee includes a copy of the proceedings, presentations, tea/coffee, the welcome/farewell receptions and the conference banquet. Student registration does not include the conference banquet. Cheques should be made payable to IMVIP99, Dublin City University. Please note that registration can only be processed after receipt of payment.

Registration Fee:

Early Fee (before July 15 1999):
               Full Registration:         IR£ 120.00 
                Student Registration:   IR£ 70.00

Fee (after July 15 1999):
               Full Registration:         IR£ 150.00 
                Student Registration:   IR£ 90.00

Registration Form:

Surname: _____________________________________________ 

First Name: ____________________________________________ 

Title: _________________________________________________ 

Department: ____________________________________________ 

Institution/Company: ______________________________________ 

Address: ______________________________________________ 

City: _________________________________________________ 

Country: ______________________________________________ 

Zip or Postal Code: ______________________________________ 

Phone: _______________________________________________ 

Fax: _________________________________________________ 

E-mail: _______________________________________________ 

Special ServicesRequired: _________________________________ 

Special DietaryRequirements: ______________________________ 

Date: ________________________________________________ 

Signature: _____________________________________________ 

Fee Amount: IR £ ________ 

For student registration the signature of the Head of Department or supervisor is required.

Signature: _____________________________________________ 

I will attend the conference Banquet (Please tick for yes): [ ] 

A PDF version of the registration form is also available.

Proceedings, published by Dublin City University, will be available at the Conference. Extra copies will also be available. 

These pages are under development, and are therefore subject to change. Please refer to these pages regularly.
Last Modified: 2-November-98