8th - 9th September 1999
Dublin City University, 
Dublin, Ireland
Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 1999
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Workshop Details (Provisional):

    Workshop Title:       Grossberg Models For Vision
    Convenor               Dr Noel Murphy

    Short Summary: Interactive workshop on developing the application of Grossberg models of visual processing to practical image and video analysis problems.

    Long Summary: Over many years the work of Stephen Grossberg and his colleagues on models of biological vision has given a unique insight to the computational processes that underlie this vital sense. Despite the enormous leap in understanding contained therein, the distributed, continuous time PDE-based models are still very far from practical implementation in real machine vision and computer vision applications. The aim of this workshop is to develop the participant's understanding of the concepts involved in Grossberg's models and to begin the process of bridging the gap between model and application. The concepts involved include those of the boundary contour system and feature contour system for visual form analysis (segmentation), the computational roles of resonance and reset in these models and the different computation rules which require parallel systems for processing static and moving form. It is intended that the workshop would involve an interactive and exploratory development of ideas, rather than be purely expositional.

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