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This document forms part of a formal submission on behalf of Dublin City University to the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation. Because of the particular nature of its proposals, it is being submitted separately, and in advance, of the complete University submission.

I suggest here that the work of the Forum might be significantly enhanced by the use of readily available tools for computer mediated communication - in short, the Internet. I go on to suggest that these same considerations could also be applied to many other areas of Irish public life, including much improved communication and co-operation between individuals and groups throughout the island of Ireland, and among the wider global Irish and British cultural communities.

For these reasons, I feel that the Forum should consider positively undertaking and advocating specific initiatives to facilitate such developments. DCU has a strong background in the use of these technologies, and would welcome the opportunity to co-operate with the Forum in pursuing any of these proposals.
Tue Feb 28 12:29:27 GMT 1995