Ronan Scaife's Home Page.

I am a lecturer in the School of Electronic Engineering at Dublin City University .

My research includes work in join perception in concatenative speech synthesis, musical acoustics and speech analysis.

I currently teach a number of undergraduate courses:

EM202 Mathematics IV (Engineering)
EE322 Analogue Circuits and Design
EE419 Industrial Electronics
EE449 DSP- Digital Filters & DFT

I have previously taught:

EE107 Electromgnetics.
EE199 Electronics 2.
EE206 Software Engineering IV.
EE223 Digital & Analogue Electronics
EE314 Signals.
EE404 Digital Electronic Systems.
EE407 Comms Theory.
EE435 Audio Processing.
EE491 Electromechanical Systems.
EE543 Speech Engineering.


Simultaneous Audio I/O with Scilab and pa_wavplay

Word Disaster Recovery.

Veroboard layout using MS Word Drawing.

Local (DCU only) pages

Turtle Beach Fiji Sound Card manual.
DJGPP2 working installation.
C30 board documents.
Projects 2003-2004.
TI DSP page.
HTK page.
Tim Love's UNIX C guide. (from Cambridge University Engineering Dept. )
Music/DSP links.
Close Shadowing with Matlab.

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