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Radiation Optics Colour



For those who are new to the world of machine vision, the development of automated vision solutions may seem like a relatively easy task as it only requires a computer to understand the basic elements such as shape, colour and texture.  But this is not the case.

Extracting useful information from images in a laboratory environment is a difficult task at the best of times.  But designing and developing an imaging system with the reliability and repeatability required for industrial, medical and associated imaging applications increases the complexity of the design task. 

The range of machine vision techniques and applications has grown significantly over the last decade.  Courses in engineering concentrate on the algorithms and techniques that have found wide spread acceptance within the machine vision community, along with dealing with a wide range of system issues such as lighting and optics relating to machine vision engineering.

While the Physics of optics and lighting is somewhat advanced it is nonetheless of interest to Physics Leaving Certificate Students.

Physics made Relevant