Purpose of this Research


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Conventional Colonoscopy is the best screening technique available.  It has the additional value of providing the possibility of removing small polyps during the procedure.

However, this technique has a number of pitfalls, namely,  

it is a heavily medicated procedure,
the patient is under sedation,
it is an invasive procedure, and,
there are risks of complications.

Computed Tomography (CT) Colonography is an emerging technique devised to replace Colonoscopy.  It uses computed tomography scanner to give three dimensional images. 

CT is a radiography technique in which a 3-D image of a body structure, in this case the colon, is constructed by computer from a series of images.  It allows for a detailed image of the section required while blurring out images on other planes.

It is an non invasive procedure and is designed to be less stressful and intrusive on the patient.