AR/VR standalone application

The applications utilise VR/AR technologies as suitable and are optimized for mobile devices. Individual applications can be used as standalone tools as well as a part of the NEWTELP platform.

  • Game TCP-IP Protocol stack

  • This game consists of a number of levels that are divided into five basic protocol families (internet, mail, IPTV, Support services, multimedia). Each family contains a specific stack of protocols that will be used in the game. The student can be focused on any protocol family. Game starts after selecting a family. At the beginning player sees a TCP/IP stack in front of his. Player is holding a weapon that will be used for shooting balloons. Each level has own parameters (speed, number of balloons, etc.). In some levels, balloons’ colour can respond to a colour of layer to help students learn faster new protocols. Some levels can contain grey balloons (not coloured) for higher difficulty. If player shoots a balloon at a right protocol layer, points are awarded as a reward. Player passes through all level and collects points.

    TCP/IP Protocol stack

  • Game Firewall

  • The player is inspecting freight in front of the gate. When shipment passes the inspection, it may enter the castle. The player’s main game area is the castle main gate. His main task is to inspect all freights, which are delivered into kingdom. This freight is carried by individual artificial intelligence controlled bots. Each of them is supposed to stop at player’s base near the gate. There is the “inspection time”. Player is given the list of forbidden items, which can be changed during the game. When a person stops in front of the gate, he or she has to show a list of items in his inventory. After inspecting the inventory list, the player decides whether to allow or not for that person to enter the castle with his freight. Student / player must inspect not just items but also a number of houses (ports) where an item is sent. Game levels will provide various game modes. The easiest game mode is based on inspection of items that must belong to a specific rule. Second mode is based on items and numbers (ports) where each item represents specific protocol sent to a specific port. The main objective is to let into the castle all allowed items (protocols) with the right number (port) and destroy all illegal items.


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