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Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication


Today people are learning differently from the past. Now, students use technology to learn, play and interact while they are at the same time having fun and acquiring knowledge or skills. The technologies are here to stay but in most educational institutions e-learning maturity and student engagement do not move forward with the same speed. A STEM subjects - Science, technology, engineering and mathematics - are traditionally difficult to understand and there is a need to engage and motivate students to learn. Another challenge is to cover all levels of education, from primary to secondary and tertiary.


NEWTON digital technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, multisensorial devices, fabrication labs, gamification and personalised content, as well as "learning by doing" methods, enhance learners' engagement and therefore skills or knowledge acquisition. Additionally, NEWTON offers a unique environment where learners with special educational needs can profit from the combination of generic learning contents with the newest learning technologies, specifically adapted to their needs, allowing them to experience a real "inclusive education" method. The NEWTON solution proposes adaptive learning and personalised user experience considering each student profile, configuring the right behaviour through the monitoring of learner's progress.