Count with me!

An immersive interactive computer-based educational game that teaches the counting principles, specifically addition, multiplication, factorials, and permutations through direct experience, real-life problem solving and fun. The game is suitable for last year high school students and 1st year undergraduate students.

Majority of the maths game were designed for primary and secondary school level.

the game has a number of pedagogical innovations such as game-based learning, real-life problem-solving based learning, real-time feedback, gamification and support for both knowledge revision/acquisition and assessment.

The game includes a set of mini games that match the different mathematical concepts to which it applies. A task that involves practicing a mathematical concept (eg addition) must be completed as part of a mini game. When the player completes the mini game, he/she will be asked a selection question related to the task he / she has just completed. If the question is answered correctly, the avatar teacher explains the mathematical concept. Next, the player is asked one more question about the same mathematical concept, which aims to check the information. Once the player answers this question correctly, he proceeds to the next mini game. Feedback is provided to the student on each question that has been answered correctly with a brief explanation of the answer. Otherwise, if the wrong answer has been chosen, the player may try to answer the question again.

It is important to emphasize the innovative aspects of this game, such as assessing students' skills to apply mathematical concepts to the real-life problem, bringing the real world into the assessment and learning process, the in-game gamification element, feedback and explanation of the mathematical concept provided after each correct answer to the question.

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