Mulsemedia Content Delivery Tool (Mulseplayer)

The NEWTELP Mulseplayer is a Mulsemedia content delivery tool that supports the annotation and rendering of smell, vibration and wind effects. This component works in such a way that the annotation files corresponding to each media content is created on the client side and uploaded into the NEWTELP platform. The learner, in turn, uses the Mulseplayer to download the annotated media and renders it along with the mulsemedia effects as per the instructions in the annotation file.

SEVino (Waltl, Rainer, Timmerer, & Hellwagner, 2013) is a user-oriented graphical competitor tool that simulates and renders sensory effects. In SEVino, one or several sensory effects can be added on a timeline which determines when they start and when they finish. Some of the sensory effects supported by SEVino are vibrations, temperature, wind and water-spray.

While the NEWTELP Mulseplayer is a Web-based multi-sensory tool, which is deployable on a remote server and works in a client-server setting, the competitor tool works only on a stand-alone machine.


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