NewTelp Platform

A solid, flexible and scalable learning management system was developed as part of the project – NEWTON Technology Enhanced Learning Platform (NEWTELP). It enables teachers to supplement the traditional teaching process, motivating students and combining various effective teaching methods.

The platform links all stakeholders in education, enables content reuse, supports generation of new content, increases content exchange in diverse forms, develops and disseminates new teaching scenarios, and encourages new innovative businesses.

NEWTON project objectives reflect recent changes and expectations in the field of eLearning, based on the educational paradigm of XXI century, dynamic and are pupil-centred.

Pupils should be able to manage the modality of accessing knowledge according to their specific needs, being helped also by technology in the selection process. In order to yield results, the educational process has to be interactive, based on the latest technologies and on new ways of communication, thus becoming a pleasant activity.

The need for a change is acute, as students are losing motivation and enthusiasm for STEM subjects and the number of graduates from science degrees in Europe has decreased in recent years.

At the same time, the budget allocations for eLearning programs is increasing on global markets, engaging new and emerging trends in technologies that support eLearning.

While emphasis is being laid on the modalities of non-formal and informal education, the NEWTELP platform:


  • Includes constructivist collaborative pedagogic models, based on IT&C technologies, supporting customised and distributed learning environments.
  • Stimulates informal education based on augmented reality, implying games, virtual spaces, immersive environments.
  • Facilitates interactive educational content such as multi-sensorial and multi-modal multimedia, cinematic productions, accessible in virtual learning environments, adaptable to the user profile and the learning environment.
  • Stimulates the natural curiosity of the learner, takes into consideration the learner's mental model.
  • Takes both performance and understanding into account in assessing learning.
  • Improves students‘ experience and creative thinking.
  • Encourages and supports learner autonomy and initiative.


The NEWTELP eLearning Management System supports a rich educational content using serious games, descriptive animations or simulations, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Labs, Fabrication Labs and e-assessments techniques, in accordance with benchmark and operational objectives.

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