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FRADIS Project Description

The project FRADIS aims to create a new FRAmework for performance-aware Differentiated Innovative Services in 5G and beyond networks. FRADIS integrates a set of new algorithms and protocols to perform dynamic performance, energy consumption and quality trade-off according to specific service requirements when supporting differentiated services. FRADIS employs an innovative machine learning solution when selecting the best approach for service-specific optimisation between an infrastructure-dependent approach and a protocol-based solution.

The goal of FRADIS is to support differentiated delivery of services with heterogeneous requirements at high quality across a complex heterogeneous network environment such as that of a 5G and beyond network. Examples of such services include smart city monitoring data, e-health information, emergency messages, infotainment, rich media targeted advertisement, diverse IoT and sensor data, road traffic navigation data, agriculture monitoring information, touristic virtual reality data, etc.

DCU Members of FRADIS

Prof. Gabriel Muntean
Dr. Anderson Simiscuka
Dr. Abid Yaqoob
Mr. Fazal Subhan

FRADIS Contributions and Events

FRADIS project research demo and poster to industry representatives (15 November 2023 - DCU Helix Theatre)


FRADIS project research progress to researchers and industry representatives (19 October 2023 - DCU Engineering Building)