Framework for Performance-aware Differentiated Innovative Services in 5G and Beyond Networks (FRADIS)

Source: SFI Frontiers (21/FFP-P/10244)

Duration: Dec. 2022 - Dec. 2025

Opera Co-creation for a Social Transformation (TRACTION)

Source: EU Horizon 2020 (EC 8706108)

Duration: Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2022

Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication (NEWTON)

Source: EU Horizon 2020 (EC 688503)

Duration: Mar. 2016 - Feb. 2019

Large Scale Internet of Things-enabled Multimedia Delivery for Smart Businesses (IOT-MIS)

Source: IRC EPS (EPSPG/2015/178)

Duration: Feb. 2016 - Jan. 2020

Balancing Quality and Energy Efficiency for Mobile Rich Media Service Delivery in Future Wireless Heterogeneous Networks (4M)

Source: IRC EPS (EPSPG/2015/111)

Duration: Feb. 2016 - Jan. 2020

Innovative Performance Management system for Heterogeneous Network Environments (E-Stream)

Source: EI IP + Ericsson (IP/2011/0135)

Duration: Apr. 2012 - Mar. 2014

Quality Optimization of Video Based Surveillance in a Network Constraint Environment (V-Quality)

Source: IRCSET EPS + Everseen

Duration: Apr. 2012 - Sep. 2015

Energy-optimal Adaptive Scheme for Wireless Devices (EASE)

Source: EI (CF/2011/1037)

Duration: Jan. 2012 - Mar. 2013

Energy-aware High Quality Multimedia Delivery in a Wireless Mesh Network Environment (E-Mesh)

Source: IRCSET EPS + Everseen

Duration: Jul. 2011 - Jun. 2014

Communications Performance Modeling for Exascale Comp.


Duration: Dec. 2011 - Dec. 2013

Innovative Content Delivery Solutions in the Future Network Heterogeneous Environment (LTE Priority)

Source: China Scholar. Council

Duration: Oct. 2011 - Sep. 2015

Content-Aware Network-Effective CCTV for the Retail Sector (CANE)

Source: EI IP + Everseen (IP/2010/0072)

Duration: Jan. 2011 - Mar. 2012

A Cross-layer Power Saving Solution for Multimedia Data Transm. in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments (Q-PASTE)

Source: IRCSET (RS/2010/2095)

Duration: Oct. 2010 - Sep. 2013

Providing Energy-aware Rich Network-based Services in Strict Security Environments (AWERA)

Source: IRCSET EPS + Citadel 100

Duration: Oct. 2010 - Sep. 2013

Energy-aware Encoding and Streaming for Rich Media Content-enabled Mobile Devices (EMD)

Source: IRCSET Postdoc + Everseen

Duration: Dec. 2010 - Dec. 2012

User-Centric Access Network Selection Strategy (UCANS)

Source: EI–POC (PC/2008/152)

Duration: Jan. 2009 - Mar. 2010

Differentiated Quality Wireless Multimedia Streaming (iPAS)

Source: China Scholar. Council + DCU

Duration: Oct. 2008 - Sep. 2012

Quality-Oriented Adaptive Cluster-Based Spectrum Reuse for Multimedia Streaming in Adhoc & Cellular Wireless Networks

Source: IRCSET Postdoc

Duration: Dec. 2008 - Dec. 2010

Odysseus-Technologies for Aiding Human Memory

Source: SFI UREKA (07/UR/I1099)

Duration: Jun. 2007 - May 2011

Quality-Oriented Handover Scheme for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming in Heterogeneous Wireless Network Env. (SASHA)

Source: IRCSET EPS + Microsoft

Duration: Oct. 2007 - Sep. 2010

Best Route Selection-based on Existing Road Traffic Conditions via Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Networks (TRAFCON)

Source: IRCSET (RS/2006/1435)

Duration: Oct. 2006 - Sep. 2009

Prioritised In-Home Adaptive Multimedia-based Service Delivery Scheme (PIHAS)

Source: EI-POC (PC/2005/001)

Duration: Aug. 2005 - Jul. 2006

Prioritised Adaptive Multimedia Streaming Scheme (PAM)

Source: IRCSET (RS/2005/20)

Duration: Oct. 2005 - Sep. 2008

Cost-effective Quality-oriented Delivery of Multimedia Content over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (CEQoD)

Source: IRCSET (RS/2005/01)

Duration: Oct. 2005 - Sep. 2008

Lero – The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre – Second Term (Lero II)

Source: SFI–CSET (10/CE/I1855)

Duration: May 2011 - Apr. 2016

Multimedia Content Distribution over Wireless Cognitive Networks (MCOG) - No. 61001122 (PI: Prof. C. Xu)

Source: National Science Foundation China

Duration: Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2013

Cognitive Multimedia Transmission Control Protocol over Future Mobile Internet (CMTCP) - No. BK2011171 (PI: Prof. C. Xu)

Source: JiangSu NSF China

Duration: Jul. 2011 - Jul. 2014

Communicator 2 A New Handheld Device (PI: Prof. O’Connor)

Source: Disney Research

Duration: Oct. 2011 - Sep. 2012

Telecommunications Graduate Initiative (TGI) (PI: Dr. C. Brennan)

Source: HEA PRTLI 5

Duration: Jun. 2011 - May 2015

Interactive Multimedia Streaming Services over Mobile Peer-to-Peer Network (MP2P) - No. 4102064 (PI: Prof. C. Xu)

Source: Beijing NSF China

Duration: Jan. 2010 - Dec. 2012

Communicator: An ultra-thin Wi-Fi platform for Enhanced User Experience in Stadiums & Theme Parks (PI: Prof. N O’Connor)

Source: EI IP + Disney Research

Duration: Oct. 2009 - Mar. 2011

Performance-Aware Multimedia-based Adaptive Hypermedia (PAMAH) (PI: Dr. J. McManis)

Source: SFI RF 07/RFP/CMSF696

Duration: Jun. 2007 - Sep. 2010

Smart Personal Information Network (SPIN) (PI: Prof. Noel O’Connor)

Source: Samsung Korea

Duration: Oct. 2006 - Sep. 2009