Assignment SubmissionΒΆ

Reports must be submitted electronically using the EE552 Loop website and in printed form.

The preferred formats for electronic submission in decreasing order of preference are PDF, OpenDocument, Word 2010 or earlier, and other formats by prior agreement only. Do NOT zip, tar, or otherwise compress files before uploading. A copy of your source code (where the assignment requires you to develop or modify code) in plain text format (e.g., a file called assign1.c) must also be uploaded. Information should be provided on how to compile, link or otherwise produce executable code from your source code. These files must be uploaded before the deadline.
  • On-campus students
    • Drop a printed copy of the report in the relevant letterbox on the third floor of the Engineering & Research Building (the one with rooms labelled S3XX). DO this before the deadline.
  • Off-campus students (“RACeE” students, registered as part-time students, and “attending” via the Internet)
    • Post your printed copy of the report to “Martin Collier, School Of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland”, to arrive no later than one week after the deadline. Use regular post. Registered post and courier services put you to extra expense, and complicate my tracking of received reports. I will accept proof of postage (i.e., your receipt from the Post Office) as proof of delivery in the event that your report is delayed in the post.

Please remember that a picture paints a thousand words - tables of results should be supported by a graph, where possible.

All reports must be accompanied by a signed cover page. No marks will be awarded to any unsigned report.