Automated CTC

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Slice by slice images of Colon
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What is the Vision System Group (VSG) trying to do?

The Group is trying to develop computer software that is accurate and detects all polyps that may be present in the colon.

The CTC scans the colon and the data is displayed on the computer in a slice-by-slice model of the colon. This can be seen in the model in the top left corner of your screen.

The colon is pumped with air so it becomes inflated and you can see the images more clearly. 

Researchers are developing software which will automatically detect polyps to cut down the amount of data a radiologist would have had to go through to find the polyps. 

VSG is trying to design the system such that it matches the accuracy and sensitivity of the existing one.

They are also trying to reduce the levels of radiation while maintaining the same sensitivity.

If a patient is subjected to high levels of radiation this can damage to cell division which can cause cancer.  However, damage done to the cells depends on the intensity and duration of the exposure.

Regular screening is key to detecting polyps and hence the development of cancer. The lower the levels of radiation the less risk it poses for the patients.

The aim of the automated CTC is to assist the radiologist in his/her work -it is not a substitute for their expertise.

In the computer laboratory, researchers test the accuracy of the databases and software by comparing the results with an already working system.

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