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Teaching and Learning...

Teaching Roles (past and present):

Other Teaching Responsibilities (past and present):

  • AFI Fellow: Academic Framework for Innovation Fellowship 2008-2009 [AFI at DCU].
  • Programme Chairperson Roles: Digital Media Engineering Programme Chair 2005-2008. Mechatronics Engineering Programme Chair - Sep 2003 - Mar 2004, Summer'05
  • INTRA Coordinator: 2001-2008. Introduced the new learning outcome framework for assessment of INTRA [Engineering INTRA]. Year 3 Tutor 2004-2008.
  • Teaching and Administrative Committees: 2009 Student Academic Information Workgroup (Sub group of Executive); 2005 Strategic Committee for the Future of Computing at DCU; Plagiarism Software Reviews. 2008-2009 Sub groups of Budget Committees on International Scholarships and Incentives.
  • Learning Innovation Fund Award: 2010 Award for a proposal on the introduction of electronics kits for students so that we could integrate electronics experiments into independent learning, with support provided through custom YouTube videos.
  • Other: Virtual Community Project; 5 Year Programming Working Group; School Education Committee; Engineers Ireland Accreditation Working Groups; Quality Report Working Groups.